Adolescent Anxiety / Depression

BOLD Schools Series 1:  Overview of adolescents struggling with Anxiety / Depression

BOLD Schools 1 - Adolescent Anxiety / Depression

Participants will be able to conceptualize and assess problematic adolescent behaviors and mental health concerns utilizing the DNA-V treatment model; understanding how it can help:

Participants will learn specific strategies, skills, and practical tools to utilize in therapy with adolescents around

Participants will understand the DBT dialectics of adolescents

Additional Resources & Tools

Adolescent Anxiety & Depression Handout.pdf

Adolescent Anxiety & Depression Tools

Designed to support personal implementation of the BOLD Living Skills after a training with Jason Bohn

DSM-5-TR_ Anxiety - Depression Criteria.pdf

DSM-5-TR Criteria

for anxiety & depression

DNA-V Explained.pdf

DNA-V Explained

Sparks Handout.pdf

Sparks of Wonder


Motivational Interviewing: 

The Basics, OARS

DNAV Session Discussion & Planning Worksheet FINAL.pdf

More on using DNA-V in your Practice


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